Melodies Without Borders

Step into the mesmerizing realm of Realm Of Play, a musical masterpiece that transcends borders and embraces the rich tapestry of world music. Drawing inspiration from the enchanting cultures of India, the spirited rhythms of Bulgaria, the pulsating beats of Africa, the soulful melodies of the USA, and the timeless elegance of European classical traditions, this extraordinary composition takes you on a journey through an exhilarating fusion of sounds.

Revitalizing Biblical Texts

Prepare to be immersed in the celestial symphony as the visionary singer and composer, Kristian Skårhøj, breathes new life into the sacred verses of the Bible. Through his evocative compositions, he captures the essence of the Holy Spirit, weaving a tale that unfolds from the very first lines of scripture to the dawn of Pentecost. Along this extraordinary odyssey, you will encounter the enigmatic figure of Nicodemus and witness the profound quest and doubt of the modern human soul.

A Cappella Ode to Pentecost

Immerse yourself in the enchanting harmonies crafted for soloists, choir, and percussion, where every performance is an ethereal experience like no other. Embracing the true spirit of Pentecost, this extraordinary opus celebrates the divine union of God's voice and the human spirit. Just as the apostles were inspired, "in spirit" and "en-spirited," let yourself be captivated by the electrifying improvisations that capture the essence of the present moment, encapsulating the very essence of here and now. Prepare to be spellbound by the playful and transcendent magic of this a cappella masterpiece.